St. Supery - Three Pack Woot Info Post
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St. Supery - Three Pack - $59.99 + $5 shipping

1 * 2004 Napa Valley Merlot, 1 * 2005 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, 1 * 2006 Napa Valley Malbec

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Last wooting

and an older trio woot

Bought this last time and really loved it!


I agree with you - they were outstanding so I’m in for three.

I’m part of St. Supery’s wine club and really enjoy their wines. I haven’t had any of these three, but their Cabernets tend to be excellent.

Every time a wine comes up I get excited that it might be what I’ve been waiting for, but then thoroughly disappointed when it isn’t. I don’t want to complain but I can’t count how many Woot Off’s we’ve gone without a new Woot Cellars offering or a preivous offering with more than one or two bottles. One bottle EHP with a bottle opening kit doesn’t count - that’s more of a gift item than being able to buy like 3-6 bottles of a woot wine. I really want to see Boss Monster or the Sparkling one again. I’d take Wellington Port or another dessert wine too. I’d probably be more interested in all of these different wines if I could drink more often but on an average day I’m taking a lot of painkillers for my neck so I can’t really drink. I’d make an exception and take no painkillers (or maybe just one or two since I would probably end up in agony without at least one) just for a Woot Cellars wine or Wellington Port though Come on WW!

Love the St Supery wines.

I have stocked up after finding the 2004 Cab at trader Joe’s in So Cal for $19.99 bottle.


I’m now one woot away from getting my black square back, and I have more than enough wine on hand to celebrate with.

My first woot!

After weeks of window shopping and reading the discussion board (which I thoroughly enjoy), I’m happy to have made the plunge.

Uhoh, watch out wallet…

I am waiting for a Chardonay. The weather here in Texas is 93 degrees and 75% humidity. All these heavy reds just ain’t gonna cut it here. Love these wines from SS, but not buying any more (nor have I for the past several months)until we start getting some whites. Carry on Wooters!!

Cripes. Why, oh why, did I memorize my credit card security code.

Better get drinking, there is a few gallons of wine coming our way.

Honestly, I would be in the dog house for sure if I didnt come home and find the kid (30 years, not quite a kid, but mentally speaking, yeah, the kid) enjoying a fine bottle of Turley with a pizza. Great… Kid explained, “it was old, I figured we should drink that before the new stuff”. At least he wasnt eating a hot dog or bologna sandwich with it, but I really could kill that kid.

Classic. Not exactly a proper defense for murder, but a likely defense for maiming.

The TLC chardonnay was the woot just prior to this one. Six-pack for $49.99 + the usual $5 shipping. Did you miss it?

Could be worse. I have my entire card #, CVV, and exp memorized (as well as my DL# and the VINs of both of my cars).

Why on earth would you memorize the VINs?

They have some nice Shun knives on woot! :wink:

So my dad asked me to order some of this wine for him as he’s got no money till Friday. Since he’s paying shipping I figured I might as well order some too. Does it mean I have a problem if $5 off is enough reason to get me to spend money I really shouldn’t on wine?

Ha…no problem at all :wink:

Anyone gotten theirs yet? FedEx still only says “initiated” with no expected arrival date. (although it did have one before that say June 9th). Where is my wine?

Mine arrived en masse with two other woot offerings today. I am in San Diego, so it was a short travel for the juice.