Stack On Personal Safe w/ Portable Case

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Stack On Personal Safe w/ Portable Case
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Time to check out an extremely similar model and learn all about Stack-On

Don’t use these safes to store weapons or prescription medications. The solenoid-based latching mechanism can be defeated by a slight bump, which can be performed by a 3 year old. (I wish that were hyperbole.) Bolting them down reduces this risk, but it’s still pretty easy.

Not a 3 year old but a tween or teen, ya they can get in it. The same for a robber. It’s all over You Tube. :frowning:

Check vids on mothership. Can be opened with a paperclip (demonstrated in vid) by a novice.

The “three year old” comment likely refers to a child with yet-developed muscles could turn the latch and open it if it were unlocked (tested with a real three year old).

Amazingly poor design all around.

Caution is warranted for these reasons, but installing a safety collar around the button and a stronger spring on the solenoid would fix both issues easily. Don’t buy this for weapon storage unless you are willing to diligently mount this to the floor or wall and put a guard on the button.

You can do better for the $$$, granted these offered here are slightly bigger, gun vaults go on sale a lot and offer better construction especially if you are storing a firearm. I bought 2 of them for $120 shipped a month ago.

Ahem, I believe you meant to say, “What[eva] in the world is in that case, wutchu got in that case?”

Get it right, Ludacris is watching.

So it’s not so much a safe, as it is a box-to-hold-stuff-out-of-sight-and-will-defeat-a-not-very-intelligent-crook-who-is-also-lazy.

Here’s something a little more secure.

I would agree with you if this were a firesafe… simple fact is, a safe that would actually thwart a thief is going to cost a good chunk of change, and its going to be too heavy to ship, other than on a freight pallet.

For non valuable items, pictures, documents, data, ect, best to get a firesafe, unlocked and put a clear sign on the safe indicating that it is unlocked and holds no valuables. With any luck the thief opens it up and sees a bunch of paperwork and moves on. a locked safe is really a bulls eye.

As for real valuables… Id take hiding them over a safe any day. If they go through the pantry and find the fake box of cheerios filled with cash or empty can of tomato sauce storing my grandmothers jewelry, Ill be impressed. ripping the $50 safe out of my bedroom? guaranteed.

Perhaps a person should buy a safe and fill it with a jar of pennies and a note saying “Enjoy the pennies :-)”, just in case one is ever burglarized. At least then you could have a giggle that once the thief opens it, he’ll probably be sad.

How on earth did you get these $180 vaults for 60/a piece?

This isn’t a bank safe. It’s pretty small. Got one of these for a good price, cheap shipping. Big enough to store a handgun, if you’re so inclined. Point being, if it’s merely hidden, residents (children) have plenty of time to find it. If it’s also securely locked, your measure of safety goes up an order of magnitude.

I understand that it is not a great safe, but what I still don’t understand is why this is on sport woot! Do you keep golf balls or wizard staffs in there? JUST PUT THE PROTEIN POWDER ON THERE!

I once prepared a wallet with Monopoly money for purposes of being pickpocketed in Paris. Real wallet in front. Monopoly wallet in the back. Took the train to see the Eiffel Tower by night. Got back to the hotel – down one wallet.

Alright… I’ll address the gorilla in the room:

Why is this listed on sport.woot?

I’m assuming the assumption is that this will be used to store guns that people use for sport. Or else, people will store their golf balls in here.

It might be worth selling a fake safe that has a battery-powered GPS device that activates as soon as it is removed. Of course, there could also be a nice note inside that says the cops are on their way.