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Pancake shirt!!! With a side of chuckles : )

Got it. From now on, if you can make pancakes, you’re a programmer.

Someone tried to eat a self-referential pancake.

I’m hungry for this shirt.

I don’t know. I am waffling.

Why is this not being advertised on Stack Overflow?

Oh, crap. Pancakes and nerds? Can we skip the pancakes vs. waffles debate this time?

There are 10 kinds of people in the world: Those that like this shirt, and those that don’t.

Perfect. Should be here in time for me to leave for Defcon.

Super-nerdy. And pancakes. Love it.


Nice one, ocho!

That’s the kind of stack that I was hoping for!

When shirt.w- er, life imitates shirt.woot.

int createPancake(){
return createPancake();

lolololol! Delicious! :smiley:

It’s been a while since I’ve seen an absolute must-buy-on-the-first-day woot shirt, but here it is! It will make a perfect random gift for my fiance. He’s a software engineer who loves StackOverflow and makes great pancakes… AND my syrupy-sweet nickname for him is “hotcakes”. Doesn’t hurt that Ochopika is one of my favorite artists here… thanks for the perfect shirt, madam(oiselle)!

int pancakes()
return pancakes();

void print(){
cout<< "Pancakes #doe