Stacker 2 Extreme Energy Shot 48-Pack

Of all the flavors, grape is the one that tastes the least like cough syrup to me. They don’t work for me as well as I would like, but they are a lot easier to drink than an entire can of Monster, if all you want to do is stay awake.

What’s the expiration date on these?

May 2016, see specs

am i the only one who actually likes the taste of cough syrup? i feel blessed.

Is this 48 2-packs, or 48 total?
I’m confused :confused:

Me too. Who could tell me?

There are 48 individual bottles.

Never tried these but they appear to be similar to “5 Hour Energy” - those little bastards usually retail between two and three bucks as a single bottle or about $2 each in a multi-pack.

This seems like a pretty good deal at under a buck a bottle.

I pass these out to my first-graders during our “end of the day” snack time just before their Moms arrive at car line… along with some glazed donuts.

BTW… I just was recognized at “teacher of the year”

Get all 3 at this price!

Biggest waste of money in the world. People don’t know just how cheap caffeine is and what the markup is on energy drinks.
Caffeine+sugar(or not)+water = $.018. Yeah less than 2 cents per serving…
Here is where I buy mine (no I don’t care if you buy it here or elsewhere): Caffeine (200mg) - 100 Vegetable Capsules -

$29.99 for these and $2,999 for the ER visit. PASS

You are not supposed to drink all 48 in one sitting!!!

These have the artificial sweetener with the chlorine molecule known as Sucralose. That will explain the bad aftertaste. Are you supposed to drink pool water?

oh yay, Thunder Muscle!

Just about all the water you will drink is treated with chlorine to kill bacteria:

It’s all about the concentration of chlorine within the finished product.

Why mess around? Just get what you’re really after. It’s even on sale now for 50% off!

That is a ridiculous comment. Chlorine is an element. It is in fact, necessary for human life. Salt (NaCl) is half chlorine. Cocoa powder, tomatoes, olives, cheese, butter, and bacon all contain chlorine.

And yes, you are supposed to be able to swallow small amounts of pool water. Chlorine is used in the pool to disinfect bacteria so you don’t get sick when that happens.

Great site!

Considering there is a party drink known as Purp or Drank that contains purple cough syrup, I’d say no. Prescription strenth Tussin tastes entirely too good.