Stacker 2 Extreme Energy Shot 48-Pack

Sure, but does it keep my toes warm?

The caffeine and niacin may keep yer toes sweating.

But its all grape flavor. Hiss.

Why do these always have to be such large packs? I want to try them but feel like 48 is a lot if I don’t like them. How about a 2/6/12/24/48 option?

I cannot but anything that I intake without tasting it first, do you ave samples

Oh, and if anyone hasn’t seen - The Woot-Killer on Kids is screaming monkeys!

Stock up!

How did the percentage left just go up?

Wouldn’t these sell better during the day? Just sayin…

3rd shifters want these more than day shifters… Just saying. I’ve noticed a lot of “wooters” don’t use all of their brains before writing a post.