Stainless Steel 26oz. Eco Canteen

hwow what a deal

Seems to be working normally for once.

have one, next…

ahh… I can finally read the entire story before it’s sold out!

Not a good of a deal as the last time these were offered — they were 2 for $5 last time.

in for three, im going to need them since im moving to the city and will be gong out more.

Ah lol first on I could grab. Dang you people click fast! LOL

Don’t try to lick the water out of it…you’ll get your tongue stuck…Don’t ask!

I saw that. That was wild. Never considered that happening.

Someone gave me one of these but it made the water taste awful. Anyone else have that problem?

Does it have a metallic taste to it? :slight_smile:

Ironically, a friend had the opposite logic. She reasoned that since moving to NYC means that there’ll be a 24 hr Deli every 2 blocks, buying water would not be hard so no need to carry it with you.

It’s a Woot-Off! Yeah! Should I call in sick and sit at my computer all day? Only time will tell.

Almostheaven-Love tasty taste after being stored in frig 5-days.Unlike plastic bottles.