Stainless Steel 26oz. Eco Canteen

Requires tiny hands for cleaning.

This has been the most absolutely crappiest woot off, I swear even the bag of crap would of literally been a bag of crapo. Usually these woot offs have been decent but there hasn’t been anything decent about it.

I don’t find the metallic taste nearly as noticeable with this particular brand as with some other stainless steel water bottles I’ve owned, fwiw. I own two from a past Woot, and the metallic taste thing hasn’t been a problem at all.

lol… I just ordered 3, but I’m feeling foolish, now that I hear they were going for 2 for $5!


Anyone tried to use a “sport top” with a non-flexible metal container? Usually doesn’t work too well…

Wow, inflation is rearing its ugly head. Used to get 2 of these for $4.99 a few months ago.

Gotta couple of these and using every day… actually a decent purchase.

Metallic taste, sweats like a pig, and isn’t even that “eco”.

Get a Nalgene, they are 1,000 times better.

That sounds cool! It’ll make me think of “Flipper”. He was faster than lightning.

I bought this item on a 2 for tuesday deal awhile back. They’ve been great items for the price.

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just too pricey…our quality grocery store sells them for this price w/ 0 shipping

in 4 three, and joining the Peace Corps.

Crap, I bought 3 ; this is what happens when one pulls the trigger before checking… Crap!

Yep you’re right:

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Eco Canteen Stainless Steel 26 Ounce Water Bottle - 2 Pack
$4.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

I bought two of these at a Sam’s Club about 2 years ago. They hold up forever. Mine didn’t have the tricky stoppers that these do.

It’s worse than you think: you could have gotten 2 for $5 yesterday… here…

Ever heard of BPA?

I ordered these when they had the 3 pack. 2 of the lids did not fit,fell right in. Woot sent me 3 more, be prepared. IMHO

Great for sneaking around with booze.