Stainless Steel 7 Piece Manicure Set

1 Stainless Steel 7 Piece Manicure Set

$2.99 + $5 shipping

condition: New

pricing for future reference

For the metrosexual on everyone’s Christmas list!

i really enjoy taking care of my hands

the carrying case counts as one of the 7 pieces? cheap…

I’m going to be honest. It doesn’t matter if you’re a male or female wooter. Your nails can stand to be a little better looking.

My Victorinox Swiss Army knife does all the grooming my nails can handle.

[seinfeld]She had man hands. The hands of a man.[/seinfeld]

Having purchased this as well as almost all my other christmas presents from Woot leaves me with the puzzle of having lots of cardboard boxes sitting around in my house. They are all just waiting for the months to tick by before I can mail them back out to the lucky recipients.

Maybe I’ll take all the boxes and build a really cool fort.

Can we buy more than one set?

Wooted 3 for gifts for co-workers, hope they aren’t really cheap ones otherwise I might just toss them in the charity pile.

in 4 three.

My daughters and wife will love this.

Always hunting for the file and clippers.

Thanks woot.

ps. why would you buy just one?

you can buy 3

in for 3, this is a good deal. thx woot!

lol how does the box itself add to the manicure set?

Hey nice hands are key in leaving a good impression. Seriously, it’s the tiny scissors that got me.

One for me, two for…uh, last minute Christmas gifts.

I thought we could rewoot another sale but it says I already bought it. I guess we can’t buy more than once (1 set of 3) or we have to have another account?

In for three. Look at the stats - most everyone getting this is buying three and is an oldskool wooter. We know value. A set of nail clippers at CVS will cost you a couple bucks - three whole sets for $14 is a nice find. I only really want two, but I figure I can take the tools and straps out of the third for a nice pencil/cigarettes-and-matchbook case. Shipping savings make it worth it.

yes, that is correct…and might I add that these are great for taking on long flights to ease the boredom! OK, maybe not… I actually got 3 items from my own manicure set confiscated at the airport and they offered to ship them back to my house for $10. Even though the whole set only cost $10 I was about to agree until they told me it was $10 per item!

Guess I’m in for 3…