Stainless Steel Chinese Characters "Love And Eternity" - Pick Size

how odd… Chinese is upside down; and the inscription probably means the eternalness of love (Google says love eternal) || 爱的永恒

… actually, the third and fourth character are switched (upside down, mah bad)… so, Google tells me nothing (love Heng Wing)… || 爱的恒永

OR – it’s some secret text that you’re SUPPOSED to read upside down… and then we’re reading it as the “the upside down eternal love”. || 永恒的爱

[MOD: Thanks. We flipped the photo]

Translation is wrong. It actually says “Everlasting Love”, not “Love and Eternity”.

I think it’s fine for people who doesn’t know Chinese… just don’t show it in front of your Chinese friends.