Stainless Steel Designer 6 Ounce Flask

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Stainless Steel Designer 6 Ounce Flask
$9.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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hic flasks

I love these! Not enough to buy one - we already have a flask or two around the house… but these are cool.

Flasks are fine, but these are classless.


LOL awesome

and on kids.woot

Kiddie flasks… cough I mean sippy cups

To the bag of crap with these!!! :slight_smile:

Nice catch woot. This is something I don’t have. Nothing says hi-class than a stainless steel flask. Except for a silver flask. Or a child with the maid.

Wow… so someone out there thought flasks that had drunk witticisms and pictures of serial killing clowns would be a good route to making money?

Was this some kind of stimulus project deal?

sweet flasks but the price seems a little high.

I would get one if they were plain or at least were halfway decent designs.

Considering the fact that they were made in America, that’s okay by me. That means I can actually drink out of them, rather than have them collect dust on a self.

I would totally get one, maybe two of these if they were just a plain metal finish, shiny or matte…
The slogans just aren’t that great…

edit; woops, beat me to it!

If you need a bunch try Amazon for a 5 pack

Or the larger size (!) in a 6 pack

Flasks made me lol. In for 2.

They look cool, but after you fill 'em up it’s hard to get your weed out.

kentuck and tennesee are buying these up (weird)

23 years sober… But these flasks are just two funny! Heck with it… I am falling off the wagon and in for 3!!!

These are awesome! Love the retro circus sideshow designs.