Stainless Steel Designer 6 Ounce Flask

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Stainless Steel Designer 6 Ounce Flask
$9.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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This wouldn’t hold enough alcohol for me.

I wonder what percentage of the Wooters on right now are drunk?

and, good night.

I see possibilites with redbull…

I was gonna buy this, but then I sobered up.

Now if these were the flip-flops with the flask in them…

Texans buying this up doesn’t particularly surprise me. +1 for booze.

Flasks are dumb, very hard to fill and clean and only hold enough booze for one person, if that.

I highly recommend the 1 pint nalgene triton:

Very sturdy, holds over half a liter of fluid while still being compact and isn’t as obvious as a flask. No one needs to know you are carrying around booze except you. The mouth opening is the perfect size as well for taking a good sized swig without spilling and for easy cleaning and refilling.

This wouldn’t hold enough alcohol for me.

I was thinking the same thing!! What’s the point when two little single bottles hold as much and fit more easily in your pockets. Not to mention they can be left in the recycle bin after drinking instead of hauling the flask around for the rest of the night.

this one is just great. wish i hadn’t been sleeping at the time. love it.