Stainless Steel Designer 6 Ounce Flask

designer my arse…that thing is UGLY!

OK OK so i thought there was only that one design…

…and I bought the housewife one anyway

It need this, filled with that magical firewater, after anxiously waiting for that Box of Cantaloupes to pop up for the past 4 hours…

6 ounces is just a good start. What am I going to do for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarter?

I am the Bourbon Cowboy!

Amazon needs to return WOOT back to the original owners… Atleast it will be fun again

Way to be a team player.

As a sober Native American all I can say is F%&* You Woot.

College football… sober? Are we talking about the same thing? I mean NCAA American Football.

My first flask ever? Yes. Yay for finding something else to use my free shipping on.

6oz, why bother. I was always told, bring enough for everyone!

Do you ever get the feeling amazon has woot post items on here more expensive than amazon, so people will get interested and get it on amazon? Mind=Blown

Get ye flask

Move things along to what? Another crap computer or sub-par TV?

In for one, the “subourbon housewife” reminds me of a good friend of mine. She’ll love it haha.

Will this work with my Mac?

Perfect for watching Woot-off for BOC! Everytime you see a Roku you have to take a drink!

At first glance, I thought that was a picture of a bag of crap, the “old” one.


I fell out of my chair.


I have a strange feeling this is a bagless wootoff