Stainless Steel Kitchen

It is indeed magic. Fissler Magic Food Mill- FIS7533 sold out in “Kitchenocence” but available in “Stainless Steel Kitchen.”

Was probably put in two events accidentally. We can’t remove an already launched sale but we can sell it out in one place.

Sure wish woot would offer more sizes of the Fissler Pro pots. This 4.1 qt Fissler pot has been on woot a half-dozen times in the exact same size every time.

I would happily buy more of these Fissler pots if more sizes were offered.

For anyone who has never cooked using tri-ply clad cookware … do yourself a favor! Turn down your heat, get some “Bar Keeper’s Friend” for cleanup and enjoy.

this stainless steel soda maker is calling my name…

How does the “Mastrad A48850 SS Pro Whipper Stainless Steel” work? Do you put whipped cream in it or do you put cream in it and it whips it for you? If it does it for you do you plug it in, does it need batteries or something else?

It uses nitrous oxide cartridges. Like having your own can of whipping cream from the store, but using heavy cream instead of that puny light cream in the cans.

I bought one here a few months back, pure crap. The co2 cartridges are smaller than the regular size, and they cost, get this, one dollar apiece. SUCH A DEAL! My soda stream is about 95,000 times better in every way. So many flaws, pure ripoff. AVOID.

It uses a gas cartridge (not included).

Here’s a video for a similar model. The concept is the same. This might help.


Very late reply but after having the Purefizz for about a month now, I actually prefer it to my SodaStream in nearly every way. Because you shake the Purefizz a bit, the bubbles produced are much finer and thus, IMO at least, make much tastier carbonated water. You also are not limited to water with Purefizz as you are with SodaStream; carbonated apple juice, for example, is very easy to do and using real 100% juice instead of a flavoring or adding juice to water afterwards is a huge plus to me. I also find it a lot more convenient to bring or move around as it’s just much smaller. Finally, it will use pretty much any CO2 cartridges and in no way do you have to pop for those that cost $1 each; it’s not a proprietary thing like the SodaStream. Thus, if you buy in bulk the cheaper brand of cartridges (and CO2 is CO2 so who cares about the brand), you can get them for 40 cents or less which is considerably less than a bottle of soda. Just my two cents. I do love my SodaStream - but had I not bought a paintball canister and adapter to fit it, I would hate it. $15 a pop for a proprietary Co2 canister is ridiculous and makes the cost of soda considerably higher than the equivalent amount of any brand of carbonated water from the store.