Stainless Steel Metal Link Strap for Apple Watch

I received my metal link strap but it is impossible to take some links off to make it fit my wrist. It did not come with any instructions and the pins don’t seem to be spring loaded, they look like tiny screws but i was unable to get them off. Any suggestions?

First, I don’t have an Apple Watch nor do I have that specific bracelet; however, I do have experience with watch bracelets in general. Often, the ‘screws’ are friction pins that have to be pushed out in one direction. You’ll find an arrow indicating which way to push using a watch bracelet tool. These can be purchased for as little as $10 at Harbor Freight or on Amazon. Recommend covering the metal bracelet with masking tape or painters tape to help avoid scratches while removing links.

Ah crap. Just ordered one for my dad for his gold Apple watch, but is the gold one pictured actually rose gold?