Stainless Steel Metal Link Strap for Apple Watch

Buyer beware !!! Be careful!!! I purchased this item on Thanksgiving they told me it shipped the next day and I still don’t have it and customer support keeps telling me to wait a couple more days.

Its’s now 12/10/2015 and I still do not have item or shipping information that it’s even in the process of being shipped! You will not get this by Christmas!!

I purchased the black one. I liked the appearance but I had to return it due to it not clasping tight enough. I hope they’re not all like that. Good luck. =]

I bought the gold band. It looks fine, but is very cheaply made. The pins are too small for the holes they go in and it does not appear that I will be able to remove links in order to size the band to my wrist unless I take it to a jeweler. Even then, I’m not optimistic that they will be able to do it unless they do some machining. To explain, the few links near the clasp appear to have screws instead of pins, but the “shiny coating” they have placed on these bands appears to have filled in the flat-head screw head slot thing on each of the screws. So I’m not sure anyone could get a screwdriver in there to get the screw out anyway.

I wish cheap goods still had the same level of quality control as higher-priced goods. :frowning: