Stainless Steel Sommelier Aerator Set



Stainless Steel Sommelier Aerator Set
$24.99 (Normallly $34.00) 26% off List Price
(1) Stainless Steel Sommelier Aerator Set includes:
Sommelier Wine Aerator
“Star” Wine Glass Adapter
Stainless Steel Strainer
Stainless Steel Stand



Good job on those CT links Cesare, or so the woot staff says :slight_smile:

On a different note, will this give a metallic taste to the wine? I guess I could buy it, host a gathering do a blind tasting with the other 3 aerators, a decantor and a fresh bottle.


Still waiting for PW Rhone whites. This is an easy pass for me.


Using stainless it shouldn’t. Wash it thouroughly upon arrival and then aerate away!


I already have a Vinturi, a Soiree, a Vinoair, and probably some others that I’ve forgotten. Is there any reason (other than madness) that I would want this as well? Does anyone’s personal experience suggest that this device aerates any better than a Vinturi?


i had quitted to drinking wine for one year , so little interest on it, but can suggest to friends


Ummm … to complete your collection & so you can be snobby at your next gathering and say “well I’ve got all of them AND I THINK …”

You know… which is why I’M buying it :wink:


Don’t worry about stainless steel affecting wine’s taste: maybe half the wine is fermented, aged and stored in stainless (aka inox in Europe). On the other hand, this particular device is too expensive for what it does (which is the same thing as many competitors: aerate the wine. It’s also unattractive and clumsy.


Unattractive and clumsy? Isn’t the whole point of stainless steel kitchen appliances and tools to render otherwise mundane industrial design acceptable and even trendy for high-end kitchens?


So does this work for both red and white?

I got the impression from previous woots that you needed a different aerator for reds and whites?


The same device works for both. You probably need to rinse it between switching from one to the other. People do say that white wines don’t need aeration.


Any significance to the fact that the wine bottle in the picture does not have a label?


Why can’t I just turn the wine bottle upside down and let it go GLUG GLUG GLUG GLUG GLUG into the decanter for the same “aerating” effect?

Like when I rinse out a milk jug in the sink.


A little thing called surface area.


Actually you can get a million different theories on decanting and/or aerating. I happen to use your “milk jug” method quite often, particularly with younger wines with no sediment. It works quite well.

The esteemed folks at Opus One even use that method.


I also had a Soiree and a Vinturi, but I gave them away after I got my stainless steel aerating funnel. It wasn’t this exact model, but it’s pretty similar looking. IMHO I’d say that these just about double the effects of the Vinturi and Soiree. I typically decant the entire bottle into a spare bottle then decant again back into the original bottle—huge improvement in tannins and just general “opening up”.
If I didn’t already have my SS funnel aerator(which cost me $40) I’d jump on this one in a heartbeat.