Stainless Steel Tight Mesh Strap for Apple Watch

Got a couple of these last time Woot had them.

Decent quality. Compared to some other 3rd party no-name Apple Watch bands that require you to use a tiny screwdriver to attach the watch connector to the band, this was complete and easy to install.

I’ve been wearing it a month and there’s no sign of the finish wearing off along the underside of my wrist where it is constantly rubbed by desks, edges of laptops, etc.

The clasp is finicky though. For the first day, I was apparently not closing it correctly, and I lived in fear that it would get flipped open by a slight breeze. Then I figured out how to really latch it, and it was much better, but just yesterday I somehow flipped the latch getting out of the car while wearing a jacket, and realized 20 minutes later the watch wasn’t on my wrist.

Also, the latch receiver does not clamp tightly to the band, meaning it sometimes loosens enough to make the band loose on your wrist. I’ve tried fixing this by using some locktite, but results are marginal. There’s no way I can tell to tighten the snap on the latch receiver.