Stainless Steel Vino Sport Wine Canteen

Stainless Steel Vino Sport Wine Canteen - Blanc
$14.99 $25.00 40% off List Price

Listen up! It’s GIFT WEEK. That means this sale will disappear sooner than you think. Complete your purchase before 12pm CST, which is when this gets replaced with something just as giftable.


Ummm, $14.12 at mother store with choice of color and free shipping options…

[MOD EDIT: limited qty, different color]

Very good reviews (4.6 out of 5.0) over at amazon


Let’s check out the product page

Sport and wine should never be used on the same webpage.

The party is over at home.woot

chocolate, both home and home+

For anyone else who was wondering …

I put a gift that I didn’t really want in my shopping cart yesterday knowing it likely would not sell out by its time expiration just to see what would happen. Sure enough, it did disappear from my cart this morning.

I see what you did there Woot…

“Hey can you fill up my Yahtzee Shaker? … Danka!”


Only 30 minutes left to get this nifty canteen!

Terrible shipping…shipped on the 10th, still haven’t seen it.