Stalwart 12V Electric Heated Car Blanket

Anyone know if there is a temp control? How much power (amps) does it use? I sometimes sleep in my car and don’t want to wake up with a dead battery.

So let’s see…do I want to pay Woot tax plus $5 shipping, or pay Walmart tax plus $0.70. Seems like a $4.30 savings at Sprawl Mart.

Something cool

We have a different brand but if you leave it plugged in it will kill your battery.

It does not have a temp control. I used it last night for first time and it does not get as warm as other brands I have had so I cannot imagine it uses that much power.

This blanket is not particularly warm. I’m kind of disappointed with it.

I’d love to know how many amps this draws, too.

12V and 50W so it should be 4-4.5A.