Stalwart 3-Piece Aluminum Storage Box

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**Item: **Stalwart 3-Piece Aluminum Storage Box
Price: $16.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New
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Stalwart 3-Piece Aluminum Storage Box
Price: $16.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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How are these for use as time capsules?

Ask me in a hundred years.

Has anyone that bought these received them yet?

I purchased X3 on 11/29 and have not!

I’ve sent multiple message to support with absolutely NO REPLY.

Thanks woot…time to dispute my credit card charges and boycott woot, I guess.

If you placed your order on 11/29, items can take 3-5 business days to ship. Since you ordered on Friday, your order had until yesterday to ship. Have you tried using your order number to ‘Track by Reference’ on FedEx or UPS’s website?

I appreciate your help but YES, I’ve tried tracking through both sites by reference number.

The fact my order says “shipped” and reveals only two of four shipments that I received by Tuesday is the issue here.

Please check your email inbox associated with your Woot account, a response has been sent to you by Woot Member Services.

We also recommend that you check the spam folder of your email provider, as sometimes their responses get filtered there.

Thank you for your ongoing patience while they resolved the issue.

I have seen that message. It contained the tracking for the 3 of 4 packages I have received.

Still nothing about these items:

Stalwart 3-Piece Aluminum Storage Box - QTY 3

…which I have not received.

Hmm. Okay, sorry about that.
I’ve pinged Woot Staff to find out what the delay is for the item you inquired about.

I’ll post back here once I find out some further information.

Thanks for being patient during this matter.

Any further information yet?

Sorry for the late reply.

Most likely we’ll hopefully have a response tomorrow in regards to this issue.

Thanks again for patiently waiting while they resolve this issue.

What’s the word?

Tomorrow has come and gone…still nothing!

Again sorry for the delay.
It appears it has updated.

Please check your PM’s as I have sent you the current tracking.

Thanks again for your ongoing patience. We greatly appreciate it.