Stalwart 3-Step Ladder & Dolly - Silver or White

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Stalwart 3-Step Ladder & Dolly - Silver or White
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As an apartment dweller you have no idea how handy something like this would be! Such a space saver and the dolly feature will come in really handy when I am trying to lug cases of bottled water to my place.

I don’t really see the need to combine the two tools.

use the force

For a photographer, this will help with some shoots.

How high is the highest step?

I’d guess 36" since there are 3 steps with 12" spacing…

Anyone know if this is one of those step ladders that you can also sit in? If so would be handy for an art fair booth.

Any reviews anywhere? Can’t seem to find any.

Make (or buy, if they exist) a stadium seat that hooks on to the top step, and you’ve got something.

I really like the height with those three steps.

But I worry about those tiny dolly wheels. Trying to carry any kind of a load over anything other than a hard, flat surface would be a real adventure.

In for one. I’m short and highly approve of Multipurpose Things.

I love the idea of one versatile tool converting into two very distinct and useful tools! This saves money, space and time…two useful tools for the price of one. Great find, Woot.

Got it. Returning it. Not made well, arrived damaged and I don’t think the cart feature will work given its poor design. Stay away.