Stalwart 3-Step Ladder & Dolly, Silver

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Stalwart 3-Step Ladder & Dolly, Silver
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Clever idea; wish it would support more weight. Such as: a 6’ adult man carrying a heavy box up the steps could easily be way over.

It is a hand truck, not a dolly.

Stalwart 3-Step Ladder & Dolly, Silver

Did anyone else have trouble with there Ladder/Dolly??
(Maybe I got a defunct one?)

It is made to hold up to 175 lbs and it couldn’t even handle a light weight dryer weighing under 50 lbs. The angle of the dolly shelf itself is angled down tword the ground. Everything keeps sliding right back off…you don’t even get a chance to pull it back to lean the actual item onto the dolly wall because it just slides right off before you can do that.

I like the ladder…Don’t like the dolly.
Very Disappointing :-((
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Info Quote:
“Cart holds up to 175 POUNDS”

2-in-1 “DOLLY” and step ladder