Stalwart Carbide Router Bit Set, 5-Piece

About 8 bucks on Amazon. But it also answers the important question: they have 1/4" shank. (The description says it’s a 25 inch shank, which I’m guessing is a typo’ed “0.25”)

These are most likely good for only 1 or 2 uses. I wouldn’t buy them, let alone even use them.

From the description: The 1/4-inch shanks allow the bits to be used with all routers and laminate trimmers. The 5 router bits come in a wooden case with a latch and labeled places for each bit. Features: Carbide Steel Construction Straight Bit – 6mm Diameter Cove Box Bit – 6.35mm Radius V Grooving Bit – 90 degree Straight Bit – 12mm Diameter Straight Bit – 16mm Diameter .25 inch Shank Specifications: Case dimensions: 4" x 6.5" x 2".

Meh. I bought one simply to have some cheap bits to run through pine. This way I save my expensive Frued and Festool bits for serious stuff. There is nothing wrong with having cheap, disposable router bits especially at this price point. I hate to dull expensive bits on cheap wood!