Stalwart Quick-Access Steel Electronic Safe

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Stalwart Quick-Access Steel Electronic Safe
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There are only 2 short reviews of this safe on Amazon (105 across the 5 different models). Sadly, woot must have freaked out over the fifth picture with the gun inside.

Anyway…I had this model, here’s what I can tell you. These are priced lower because the quality is lower. This is very thin steel, 18 gauge
(lower is better, thicker). For those of us that resist the base 10 (metric system) measurements, this is 3/64" thick. The electronics are a hit or miss on opening the door the first time so not so great for your firearms. It will hold two handguns. Well, more if you are just stuffing them in there, but if you do, you need to take another safety class. If you are thinking of storing valuables, passports or cash, (or guns) just be aware this is not going to stop a thief one bit. By all means bolt it down and that will slow down a thief by 6 seconds although you’ll never see your safe or contents again. This is not CA DOJ approved btw.

There are many lookalike safes, just look for a heavier gauge and better features. My family and adult children have these Gunmaster Sportsafes. I don’t see them online much but our range has them still. Bought 4 for the family in 2014 for $99 and they have yet to miss a beat. We have our valuables in a fireproof safe (6 hour rating) that would take a thief hours to crack and a forklift to move. It was $2500+ though.

Too bad, I was looking for a gun safe.


" Protect your most valuable possessions in the event of a disaster, theft or invasion of your home or office."

Theft? What’s to keep them from just carrying the whole thing away? :slight_smile:

It is screwed or bolted into the wall or floor.

You can put this safe into an even bigger safe.

“Interior Dimensions: 8.5 inches (length) x 10 inches (Width) x 6 inches (height)”

So what is the logic of not making it ever-so-slightly larger, so it could function as a document safe as well???

It will show up in the “Sports & Outdoor” section for that.

A friendly reminder that tubular locks are almost always easy to pick/break, worth always keeping that in mind when choosing anything w/ one to determine just how important what you’re storing inside is.