Stalwart Roadside Emergency Tool and Auto Kit - 30 Pieces

The cables look pretty thin. Not much power can be pushed thru these to jump start a car. I would look for a better set with thicker cables.

+1 I wouldn’t use those on my truck. I have pieced my own kit together, with a tow strap, flares, etc.

got this kit a while back. V poor quality cables. a no go.

No duct tape? Duct tape binds everything in the universe.

Pointing out that the cables are “insulated” as if insulating the cables is optional.

Had something very similar as a giveaway at work & they had to take out the jumper cables & trash them as they were so thin & chintzy, they were an accident waiting to happen! So I’d definitely pass on this kit…

Purchased awhile back, and the cables are trash, unless you’re trying to jumpstart your child’s Power Wheels.

Wire insulation becomes optional on a good number of Mercedes Benzes since the 90’s.

It’s the handyman’s secret weapon.