Stalwart Safes

Are any of these safes fire/water/doom proof? It doesn’t seem to be part of the specs or description so I’m going to guess not.

What is the weight of the Electronic Extra Large Safe Black model ($99)?

at this price, heck no.

I pinged the buyer to see if we can get that info. Check back for an update.

UPDATE: Buyer says it’s about 40ish lbs, based on 42lb shipping weight. Hope that helps.

I don’t think that is a fair statement. I picked up a doom-proof safe from SAMS for about $45 marked down (dimensions were about that of the Electronic Digital Gun and Valuables Safe listed here). If WOOT were getting true “deals” then these could be at this price. Given it is not in the specs, I would say it is safe to assume these are not doom proof though.

I’m also curious about the doom-proofedness of these.

Not such a great deal if you can get a doom proof at Sam’s for $45

Does anyone know what happens if the batteries die while the safe is locked? Does the safe lock up forever or open immediately upon lack of power?

Any of these safes can be picked by thieves going to a few you tube videos. Be careful what you put in them.

I can’t speak to this one specifically, but most will have an alarm, and will not unlock automatically, that’s why it’s important to know where your key is.
Amazon reviews, even the one that likes it says the instructions to program it are crap

The large safe we have provides a large, manual key for if the bat dies. Parts have to be unscrewed first for the key to enter. The Key goes into a safe place but we change the bats often, once a month or as soon as the sound of digits being entered slows.

Make sure you air out the safe for an hour or 2 once every 2 weeks depending on what you keep in it.