Stalwart Safes

Question: Why do they make these so narrow? Wall studs are going to be either 16 or 24 inch centers, so you will only be able to secure these to a single stud, the other side will use anchors into dry wall I assume. I’d want something to secure into 2 wall studs, but that requires something wider than 16 inches.

I am going to assume these are not fire or water proof… Anyone… Anyone… Buler?

No, if we’re selling something fireproof we make sure to note that.

I really hope there’s a typo in these listings-- a wall thickness of 0.059"? What a joke.

.059" is 16 gauge. It won’t hold up to an attack with tools for long, but it’ll keep a curious kid or mostly honest visitor out.

Mount a 1" sheet of oak between two studs with LOTS of screws then mount the safe to that. Or a larger sheet to three studs to make it much harder to rip the sheeting off the wall.

Or something like that. It could look quite nice.

I want to know the brand and model numbers so that I can look up comments on how resistant these are to picking or other forms of forced entry. I know the Sentry safe that I have is not at all difficult to pick and I won’t buy a safe without a make and model number.

the bolts that are included are concrete expansion anchors, if that helps.

The digital/biometric one (which I own) has the following on the box.



Locks keep honest men honest…a thief will get what he wants.

The biometric safe has slightly thicker walls.

$5 cheaper on amazon, and i have prime which gives me free shipping…

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Thank you! I hadn’t heard of the brand Stalwart before.