Stamina AeroPilates SpaceMate

Can this used as a huge water balloon launcher? :slight_smile:

Make sure you secure these correctly. You only need to make that mistake once before you get a rubber band to the face and this ends up in the trash.

Do you have to have cute French doors? Will a normal wooden single door work? Does anybody know?

Awesome. That made my night. thanks!

Yeah, it will work on a normal door. If you look at the picture with all the parts, the thing in the front with the black round plug thing is what you put on the other side of the closed door.

I imagine this is not from experience, as I can’t imagine living to tell about that.

I tried to find a review somewhere, with zero luck. It is the cheapest I could find by about $15 (Amazon or Overstock).

Thank You Kindly. I guess my lazy self is in for one. It claims to make me relaxed and centered; I’m sold.


Here is a video demo


Here is a longer demo, Mostly showing some workouts you can do with this. Or pilates you can do with this. I don’t get this stuff.

There was some gold in that second video comments:
ooks like a great workout.where can you the space mate? looks like good workmenship on the space mate to

That’s all.

I wish the mat came in a different color. Pink makes me see red.

I think they glued her hands to the bar, at least that what it looks like from the woot pic AND CD’s video still.

Anyone know how thick the mat is? I want to compare it to the three i bought at the wootoff.

Not sure of the source of your confusion - Pilates, done incorrectly, is quite easy; Pilates, done correctly, is really challenging. I’m not sure if the exercises in the second demo video are truly “Pilates,” but this thing-woot’s-selling appears to be an efficient method of doing resistance exercises with body weight - which can be very challenging (again, if done correctly) and tends to strengthen functional muscles, which has considerably more benefit for most people than the typical “power weightlifting” moves popular in some gyms.

Now we know what kind of exercise this poster does!

Looking at the picture, I can’t help but think: If only Michael Hutchence and David Carradine had had one of these…
(what am I doing in this basket, and why’s it getting warmer?)

Hi! Pilates instructor here! This thing looks like it would be great for duplicating some Cadillac exercises. I’m not sure how great this would be at Reformer work, but it’s worth a try.

At this price, I’m in for one.

Regarding the mat: it looks more like a yoga mat which are thinner then pilates mats.

I would really love to know how thick that mat is - I have fairly hard wooden floors. If it’s cushiony that would make the deal for me.

I doubt that I have a suitable door and am wondering if the straps etc are usable in some other ways?

Anyone else notice which side of the doors the hinges are on? Could be a painful workout.