Stamina ATS Air Rower

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Stamina ATS Air Rower
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I purchased this last time, same price. It was very easy to put together, it took about 30 min. It provides you all bolts and tools to tighten. Very convenient.

When reading some reviews they mention there isn’t an ability to set a resistance level which is true. One of the comments that sold me on the rower was “you can’t increase the resistance in real water, you just row faster for a better workout.” I’ve found that the workout is tough and I’m in good enough shape to know the difference. So if your new to rowing, this is a good entry level model and you’ll still be exhausted after 10 min with the standard resistance.

My only concern is range of motion. Before the purchase I hadn’t rowed very often so I don’t have a comparison as to what other machines ‘feel’ like but I’m only 5’8 and I feel like the bumper on the track towards the front could be moved an inch to allow for more range of motion but again, maybe it’s just right and I’m not used to it.

The fan that spins on the inside comes prebuilt but looks wobbly. Not loose wobbly but maybe a bit warped. Doesn’t impact the workouts as of yet though.

Overall I would recommend!

Why wouldn’t increasing the pedal size for example increase the resistance in water? There are other ways too. Dip it in deeper, use a different boat etc.

You’re kinda overthinking it. At that point, you buy a different rowing machine. :smiley:

Like @jnam22 above, I bought this recently, before Christmas, and I got the “woot exclusive” color of black everything with a sorta aqua color on the plastic cage around the fan. It’s cool, whatever. I don’t care so much what it looks like, it works well enough.

I’m fairly new to rowing machines, but I am whipped after 10 minutes on this thing. I do a 1 minute warm-up, then alternate medium and high intensity for one minute intervals. I have a Garmin watch that tracks my heartrate and I’ve hit upper 160 BPM on the last high intensity periods on a regular basis.

Depending on how you stroke, you can focus your workout on legs, arms, core, or even across all 3. The clock tells you how long you’ve gone, and it automatically cycles through less useful stats like “cal” and “distance” and “speed” which are all just guesses as far as I’m concerned. I just care about strokes and heartbeats / minute coming from my Garmin watch.

My wife has used it a few times and she doesn’t hate it.

My only complaint is that the pins are a little difficult to get into the holes on the rail that flips up when it’s being stored, but it does store in a pretty compact space, about 4’ squared. Overall, I’m happy with it, and I use it 2-3 times a week for a good cardio workout. Beats paying $50/mo for a gym membership, that’s for sure.

Perfect for burning calories while watching TV, although you’ll have to turn the volume up because of the wind noise. At 6’ tall, I am at about the limit for this rower. Easy to move, you could even stand on end against wall if you need to store out of the way, yet it is heavy enough to be solid and not move around. Easy to put together and all tools you need are included.