Stamina ATS Air Rower

Stamina ATS Air Rower

I bought this model last year when it was sold in blue.

I have a 34" inseam and manage to just hit the full stop as I pull back and fully extend my legs. Also the footrests pivot in an unnatural location on my size 12 feet, so I drop my heels lower and they rest on top of the heel cup.

It’s pretty quiet when using it, and that’s nice.

The last time this rower was on, I was reading some of the Amazon reviews and this came up in multiple reviews. To me, this is a fundamental design flaw if the stroke length isn’t sufficient for someone ~6ft tall. It’ll encourage poor form, and I can’t imagine it’s easy on the strap/bearings/fan/etc. if you’re constantly coming to a hard stop when you reach its full length.

I find it odd too that the foot stretchers pivot at all. I can’t imagine how you’re supposed to get any connection on the drive if you’re exerting effort trying to keep the stretchers in good position.

I understand making sacrifices in the pursuit of a target price point, but how much could it cost to add an extra foot of nylon strap? And I’ve got to imagine manufacturing stationary foot stretchers would be even cheaper than pivoting ones. :thinking:

If you’re short enough though, you really can’t beat the price for an entry-level rower. So it’s got that going for it. Which is nice.