Stamina Avari® Programmable Magnetic Rower

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Stamina Avari? Programmable Magnetic Rower
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Great product! Now…where can I find a magnetic stream?

Date night prep at its finest! Xo

I have one of these and can recommend it highly. It was simple to set up, and I can move it from room to room easily. I did buy a rowing seat pad as some of the reviews complained about the seat, but as my butt toughened up, I’m not using it.

The interface is antique. I use the erg function of Bitgym on my Ipad for my workouts, and adjust resistance accordingly.

This is a quiet, tough, durable machine, and a deal at this price. +1

not endorsing this particular product since ive never used it (i have a concept2) but certainly endorsing the exercise. i love rowing. its incredibly low impact, which is important to me due to previous sports and injuries. its easy to begin rowing and improvements come rapidly if you work at it.

Can anyone who has used both comment on this rower vs. Concept2? I’ve only ever used a C2, but I can’t bring myself to drop the $1200 to have one at home. At less than half the price, this might be worth it if it provides a similar experience.

Concept2’s cost $900.

Is this this rowing machine weather proof? i have a patio that is covered and would love to put it out there and row early in the mornings. (have no room in the house, which is small) Does a cover come with it? If not where can i get a cover for it? thanks

I think it’s intended for indoor use only; however (that disclaimer aside) if the weather is dry, you could buy a pool cover over at Woot’s Last Chance Deals - at least today - that would probably work.

For the model D, yes. I was specifically thinking of the model E since that is what I row on normally.

But my question stands. Have you used one of these before? Can you compare it to a C2 of any model?

I was wondering the same. One of the amazon reviews said it could achieve a resistance level similar to that of the Concept 2, but they also pointed out that anchor point of the chain was not far enough ahead of the foot wells to allow full arm extension, which was a deal breaker to me.

I don’t have this exact model but I have one made by another company that is almost identical. I paid $250 for that rower. It works well and almost half the price. I don’t know that the price here is all that good.

Read this before you consider a purchase.

You can find used Concept 2 rowers for ~$600-700 on most craigslists. I picked up a Concept 2 w/ PM5 for $650 with only 1200m rowed on it.

You will be able to sell that same Concept 2 rower for near the same about when you are finished with it. They hold their value for nearly a decade.

If you’re truly dedicated enough to spending this high amount on a rower, I cannot emphasize enough that the Concept 2 is -the- bar for longevity and retaining their value.

Would you rather spend the money to get this, then when you Craigslist it barely anyone recognizes the brand and will offer you less? Or would you rather be able to sell it ASAP because the Concept 2 is recognized by any and everyone.

Looks like a good product at a decent price, but can it do this?

Do Not buy this, it will make you sweat. It seems to be a design flaw.