Stamina InLine Back Stretch Bench Pro

Stamina InLine Back Stretch Bench Pro

Of the 220 Amazon reviews it looks like only 2 of the reviews pertain to this model which they are calling the “black/grey” model, the other reviews are for the “blue” model. Aside from color the two models also look different (headrest, arm holders, torso cushion, etc). Can anyone explain the difference between the two models and which one is better? I’m guessing the black/grey is the “Pro” model, but it looks like 99% of the purchases are for the blue model.

Hello Kiboko,

You are correct. We are selling the Pro model which is the brand new and upgraded version of this bench. The main difference is that the Pro model has a built in pillow for comfort. Since it is new, it doesn’t have many reviews but you can expect the same functionality of the of the “blue” model (with 4 stars and 220 reviews) but with the added pillow. Hope that helps!

Does anyone know if it really works, or just another gimmick?

I have cronic back problems stemming from a slipped disc in the 70’s. When I feel back pain creeping up, I use this and the pain stops in a few uses. The hardest part is getting in and out of the thing, especially when your back is in severe pain.

I’m 6 feet 5 inches tall. What is the maximum hight for someone to use this bench?

Hey there this will work for up to 78 inches! So 6’5 should be good.