Stamina InMotion GPS Fitness Tracker

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Stamina InMotion GPS Fitness Tracker
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Time to check out the product page

I’m very interested in this tracker, but I’m coming up empty-handed on reviews or any information beyond the product page and brief blurbs on retailer sites. I just finished reading the product manual and I think I understand what it does… but I’d love to read something from an actual owner to find out if it works well. I don’t really know Stamina for anything but exercise equipment (treadmills, ellipticals), so I have concerns about user interface. The device itself seems a little bulky and clunky, and I’d like to know how it functions under various conditions.

It seems like it overlaps significantly with a phone app like RunKeeper, which similarly uses GPS to track routes and log activities. But I don’t like exercising with my phone strapped to me, so standalone wearables always have appeal. For those who already go out with a phone that can log this data, this is probably not a very interesting gadget.

Is anyone finding any reviews? I see review-less product pages on Amazon, Overstock, WalMart, Sears, Sports Authority…

Goodness! I’ve never seen an electronic device with such a dearth of information! This appears to be a “straight to clearance” item - which would indicate (to me) that it doesn’t work as advertised. I think I’ll skip right now, but it would be so cool if it worked!

I use my phone for RunKeeper and MapMyWhatever and the like, but the appeal of something like this is the crazy battery life vs. a phone. The manual says it’s good for 17hrs of tracking, whereas my phone is probably only good for 3-4hrs.

I don’t have a smart phone so this looks like it would be pretty cool?

I’ve seen folks on facebook who use the phone app. and indeed it is pretty cool the way your run/hike is so PRECISELY mapped out. Since I don’t have an unlimited phone plan (really voice only) this would be something I’d be very interested in-however, I too would like to see someone, anyone who can vouch for this product before I pull the trigger.


I have a GPS receiver, so I don’t have a need for this. I am curious in the device though. I wonder if it creates a standard GPX file that can be read off the USB drive.

My other thought is that this would be a great car tracker for kids or cheating spouses. They should look at rebranding it.

I have tried several iPhone apps that do essentially the same thing. They work great for my friend who lives In a Flat area with good GPS signal, but in my very hilly area, the signal disappeared every time I went into a valley, at which point GPS shows me being 1/2 mile away and credits me with walking that extra half mile, and walking at a speed more suited to Steve Austin.

Maybe this device has a better GPS lock than the IPhone apps I tried, maybe it has better algorithms to overcome GPS dropout, maybe you live in a flat area where this wouldn’t be a concern. It is much cheaper than a fitbit, which tracks on motion alone.

The Stamina InMotion GPS Fitness Tracker looks interesting. I have used both phone apps and Garmin devices. I prefer Strava to MapMyFitness / MapMyRide.

Does anyone know what file format the InMotion records to?
Are there any controls other than on/off?
Can you record more than one activity, separately?
What is the power switch like? Can it turn off accidentally?

Too many questions and not enough information out there. Think I will pass this time.

Amazon just started selling this item on May 25th for $69 so it must have just hit the market. Could be a good product or could be a bad product but it is too early to know without more user experiences. Does this GPS lock on satellites effectively to produce accurate results?? Can it take the jarring from a hard run? Does it work well in rain, heat and frigid conditions?This is where Amazons retun policy puts Woot to shame. I’ll wait until they put it on sale there.Amazon will take it back if I decide to return it.

Specs don’t show it will work with Win 8.
Mac OS v10.5.8+
~ or ~
Windows® 7 SP1+/Vista SP2+/XP SP3+/8
Java 7
USB port
Internet access (broadband recommended)

Glad I have confirmation that I wasn’t just 2AM internet-stupid when it came to finding reviews!

My other significant concerns are about MapMyFitness and the fact that it seems to only sync with one app/site. I prefer devices that give you more flexibility in how you can use the data - and what companies have access to it. I know Move is a privacy nightmare after Facebook acquisition, and RunKeeper has had a few privacy issues… do I trust MapMyFitness with my daily movements? Their privacy policy sounds ok, but I don’t always trust that.

Most of the fitness trackers seem to me to feel “not quite there yet”.

What I want is gps (to spare the phone battery), sync thru bt to phone to cloud (am NOT syncing thru computer, done w that), choice of where to save data or ability to export data, integration w bt chest strap that includes hrv info collection, decent battery life, etc.

Have used fitbit, nice enuf but stopped because it didn’t really matter. What I want is the equivalent of the excellent top-line garmin and polar watch products with all their data, combines w bt sync thru phone. Wear on wrist w chest strap. Really sweat-proof plus long battery life. Not abandonware. Does this exist, anyone?

I would like something that can track my movements during the day, indoors - like a fitbit. Since this works using GPS, I would assume that it doesn’t work indoors. I am getting rather tired of my Fitbit and am looking for something that will give me more motivation.

I do not have an iphone, or tablet (other than a Nook), so I am rather limited in finding something that will sync to my PC. I am guessing that this device wouldn’t be what I am looking for, correct? Suggestions? I have looked at the Withing, but I don’t know if that will sync with my computer or nook. I am running Windows 7.

Personally, I find that software makes the biggest difference with activity trackers - alone, they’re just logging data, but it’s what you can do with that data and how apps can use that data to coach and motivate you. I’ve been working my way through the piles of apps that Fitbit can sync with, to see what’s the best match with my activities and fitness plans. There are so many options and I like some of the features in different ones. I haven’t tried the app that this device works with, but it seems to have a narrower range of functions than some of the big names in tracking/coaching.

The user manual ( is no help in answering most of these questions. But it integrates with What file format(s) does that site use?

From info about importing workouts into MapMyFitness:
“For manual file import most GPX, TCX, FIT and a few other filetypes are accepted into our system”

So… maybe one of those? I don’t know how easy it would be to get the files off the device, if it’s designed for some proprietary Win/Mac software.

I have owned 2 of these. They both had issues right out of the package and they both ended up not working at all after a few months. Their website service never fully works right. I have to return my 2nd one now and they don’t give refunds at all. Their excuse being that Woot has the money. Any money payed for this would be a waste. They come new with some features not working at all. My 2nd one just froze and it won’t turn off. I had on off problems with my first one as well when I exchanged it.

Their website keeps posting and then later deleting my negative reviews.