Stamina Magnetic Exercise Bike 345

Stamina Magnetic Exercise Bike 345

How tall can this get for users?

Hi there. Per the vendor, this bike fits users up to 6’5”.

I have few questions on this bike. Can you please answer before I take a decision to buy

  1. How do we control resistance ?
  2. How hard it is to assemble the bike?
  3. What’s the return policy?
  4. What’s the warranty policy?
  5. Does need power supply or does it run with batteries ?

Hello there.

1 & 2: The manual is linked at the bottom of the features. That will help you with assembly and use.

  1. Here’s our return policy:

  2. The warranty is listed at the bottom of the features:
    Warranty: 90-Days Parts/3-Years Frame Stamina

  3. Please refer to the manual linked above.

Hope that helps.

This model appears to be exclusive to Woot. Are there any reviews for it?

Hi there. It’s not exclusive but it is a new model to Stamina so not widely available yet

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Has anyone received theirs yet? Mine came today, and I’m wondering how long it takes to put together. Wondering whether this would be a better weekend project.

I received mine but can’t use it yet. The fixing lever (part #11 in the manual) won’t grip the handle ball. There might be a design flaw. I called the company and they said because the bike is so new, they’d have to figure out the issue and call me back. That was 4 days ago. The product seems flimsy. Don’t think it will last much. Don’t recommend it.

What part or parts seem flimsy?

Part 11 that secures the handle bar… and the handle bar itself. The wheels has started to make sweeping noise after 50 miles on the bike. Very ooorly built.