Stamina Magnetic Recumbent Bike w/ Bonus GPS Tracker

A stationary bike has a GPS tracker???

(I think i have just been gaslighted by the exercise equipment industry.)

Came here to make sure someone else wondered about the GPS, and I was not disappointed. +1

I also came to check out the comments. I feel that Woot clickbaited us to check out the item. Because why would a stationary bike need a GPS tracker?


To find out where you live. I can only assume that there is an undocumented mic/camera feature as well.

Well at least 6 wooters this AM had the same thought. Do you think the GPS tracker is for the aging boomers? Now where did I leave that stationary bike? Just speaking from experience, folks.


For those that didn’t bother to look at the pictures associated with the bike, the GPS tracker isn’t for the bike, it’s to be used for walking/running.

Maybe its in case the bike travels somewhere unexpectedly? Like you pedal so fast it breaches another dimensional wall? The GPS is so your relatives can recover the bike.

Count me as a 7th confused wooter.

GPS tracker is for when your SO gets buff so that you can keep an eye on them.

I’ve got it!

Woot was looking for improved methods of tracking their packages. So rather than pay $10 to UPS, they are having us pay for a cheap GPS and using it to track the package delivery.

I think I may be in for one of these. I mean, who knows, it might lead to them randomly sending a BOC to where ever the GPS is located.

Better yet - the BOC might include its own GPS.

I don’t see in the specs how far the seat adjusts. Would this work for someone who is 6’4?

THIS is exactly what I though!! You spin so fast you break the speed/sound barrier and end up down the street and don’t know where you are… the GPS will help you find your way home!

Wondering if anyone knows anything about the quality/longevity of this exercise bike. Is it worth buying, or would a more expensive one be recommended (the bike will be used daily in winter). If I should check elsewhere, are there some features that I should look for? TIA

‘Peddling’ like crazy? Maybe the folks at Woot HQ…the rest of us would be ‘pedaling’.