Stamina Total Body Pro Elliptical

Goes for $177 at Wally World. 3 out of 5 stars.


I think I might use my christmas money on this.

I’ll pay the extra $12 to get it from Walmart and have the ability to return it without a hassle.

$149.99 tonight

General comment on Stamina brand being low end ellipticals

Elliptical buying advice:

Unless this one has some remarkable feature there seems to be others out there for less. This one seem quite simplistic to those even.

There’s a serious size to weight ratio issue with this elliptical. Anyone that’s spent any amount of time training on one would take one look at this thing and realize that a 50lb five year old could make it shimmy and shake. Put an adult on this thing and you’d be hard pressed to keep it from tipping over.

I would recommend not buying this. This looks identical to another product called “orbitrek” which I did buy. I endured a major knee injury the first time I used it (nasty rip sound and I fell off of the machine as well).

The decline of the foot rests force you to lean forward and you constantly have to move your feet to the back of the rest while in motion.

Can’t argue with the return part of your statement but this is $155 here which is $22 less than Walmart and that doesn’t include the $15 or so for sales tax so overall this is $37 cheaper which is almost a quarter of the price!

For us taller folks–what’s the stride length on this one?

I’m in. I’m coordinated enough to not fall off something like an exercise machine.

I spent hours researching elliptical machines and almost bought a similar one in this price range on the A site. Several of these sub-$200 ellipticals get good reviews compared to those several hundred dollars more. I ended up buying the Horizon EX-59 for $600 and really love it. If you want a good workout and don’t want to spend a lot…I don’t see any downside in buying one of these machines.

Just received mine, and it arrived damaged, the casing is broken, and there’s a hole in it… not very happy with Fedex right now

I’d contact the manufacturer to see about getting a replacement. If you have any problems, contact as well.

Sorry about the hassle!