Stamina Unisex Sauna Suit

Ooooooh, I have a wedding to go to in May. I think I found my fancy outfit! And I can loose weight while I’m there!

Finally, something I can wear to work that PROMOTES sweating! I’m going to have the office to myself in no time! tents fingers

Glad to see a ready-to-wear version of the look I saw at London Fashion Week.

Great for prom! Nobody’ll know that you were sweating, anyways.

It’s the eye of the tiger
its the cream of the fight
risin up to the challenge of our rivals
and the last known survivor stalks his prey in the night
and he’s watching us all with the eye of the tiger
The eye of the tiger…
The eye of the tiger…
The eye of the tiger…

though not fashionable, this would work for the Seattle weather. I can jump into one of these, wear a cap and be out all day

These would be AWESOME for my all-you-can-rib barbeque party. I was looking for an all over bib, but these not only let you just hose off afterwards, but you sweat off any weight you add by eating excessive amounts of delicious BBQ. It’s a two-fer! In for 26!

This is perfect for my Missy cosplay.


A garbage bag would work too, but wouldn’t look as spiffy as the Sauna Suit does!

That game looks amazing.


Pretty sure he is singing “Bring me a donut to the sauna”

Who wore it better?

Bonus! In this suit, you’re at little to no risk of alien abduction.

Also, real question: Is that last picture someone from Woot who had to try on the product? And if so, is his smile actually a cry for help?

Yes, that’s a woot employee. He was bribed with the promise of great wealth and prosperity. We haven’t seen him since.

or being spied on by government satellites.

pvc is toxic