STAMMER: Because maybe it'll settle a certain someone down.

So, what do you have to say now, hmmmm?

Why whomever could you be talking about?

Nice and clean in here. Oh there’s the beer fridge, that’s a good start.


Now, Gman, start a new Yammer.

mmm beer.


Very nice. Did somebody bring a Roomba?


We need a real yammer.

I left some snacks on the table. Help yourselves.

I will not give up

We can use mine. It’s all charged up and ready to annoy the kitty… um… vacuum.

That’ll work. Do we need to dust and vacuum? I mean, it’s brand new. Even the bathroom should be clean.


Let it go…

Very cute!


It’s your life use it as you wish! :slight_smile:

Good morning…I guess
The vacation home looks so…so… different.
I’m so confused :frowning:

It must have been D’name who stripped the walls of photos, pulled out the rugs and even had the fridge with our drinks and snacks taken away. She’s hoping we wouldn’t recognize it/like it here as a second home and we’d whine till the old one came back.

Geeze, she didn’t have to leave old fish in here so the smell would run us off. :wink:

Well, now it is this or nothing.

Because someone, who will remain nameless, won’t open a classic ebw thread, that shall remain nameless.

Who knows when Cruzer will show up.

He’s been showing up occasionally. Maybe…

Congrats, AZ.