Stand Up Desk or Chair - Your Choice

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Stand Up Desk or Chair - Your Choice
Price: $64.99 - 299.99
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A stand up desk, I get…but what the heck is a stand up chair?!


A stand up chair is a chair that won’t let you down when the going gets tough. It always does what it promises, and has always got your back.

In other words, it’s a chair you can depend on.

So, if I use this chair, I’m still standing while I’m sitting, right?

I’m waiting for someone to invent the stand up bed…

I bought one to use for design and fabric cutting a few weeks ago. I really like it.
However, there are two things I don’t like.

  1. The integrated power strip is under the desk in the middle and it’s not convenient.
  2. I don’t care for the curve in front but I can replaced the top.
    Otherwise it works great.

Some things just don’t need to be powered. I really believe the movie Wally e is gonna come true…lol

It’s an inversion table. Strap yourself in but don’t go inverted. And definetly don’t do an inverted negative g dive while performing foreign relations (I.e. giving the bird).

I don’t think you understand the point of a sit/stand table…the point is to keep you from being stationary for long periods of time and allowing your body to be in different positions and relieve stress off the joints.

Sitting causes the most compression in your lumbar disks out of any static position. Basically, this prevents a Wall-e world by keeping our joints healthier.

Can anybody comment on the build quality of the electric version of the desk? Does it seem reliable / long lasting / sturdy?

This is comercial grade
Which means it has two motors, which allows it to move faster and stronger
It is rated up too 300 lbs that is big for an electric desk
The cheaper stand desks will have a single motor, but this desk is an even better buy than those desks
This really is a great deal
Thanks woot

Which is better - the electric version or the manual crank version? I also saw that the dimensions varies, the manual crank version is longer but not as wide.

“300 lbs weight limit”

So, you’re saying I can’t ride it up and down?

Can a treadmill fit below this?

Both are good
Manual tends to stay up
Electric is for up and down more often
And the chairs adjusts with both

Can the motorized desk take casters?