Standing Golf Bag

Previosly Sold On 12/10/2012 for $44.99 (Woot-Off)

I can’t take it anymore! It’s spelled ‘previously’.

Bought this bag last time it was up and it has held up nicely on the course! Not a pro bag but i’m not so it works well! :slight_smile:

I love Ogio golf bags. They OEM for most of the major labels so you’re getting quality for a much lower price. My last three bags have all been Ogio (my current, my wife’s, and one I gave away to a friend who needed a bag…cuz I wanted my new Ogio!).

First the woot wine is awossome. Secomd can I get a few more qlues as To the maker of the bag?

Ogio has been one of the biggest manufacturers in premium golf bags for well over 15 years. As mentioned above, they have manufactured bags for OEMs like Callaway for years as well, but their name would represent quality for anyone familiar with golf equipment. My current bag is an Ogio that I bought in 2005 or so. It’s starting to show its wear, but this bag has more than served its purpose. This looks like a great deal on a nice lightweight carry bag.

Standing Golf Bag (Brand Name) - Price Comparisons
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Today’s WOOT = $44.99 + $5 Shipping
WOOT = $27.99 LESS than nearest competitor, GolfEtail

VM Innovations = $90.99 + Ships Free

ebay = $94.99 + Ships Free

GolfEtail = $69.99 = $7.99 Shipping

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Can anyone tell me if the shoulder straps unclip off the bag or whether they are sown on permanently? They are times riding in a cart where they would be in the way. I walk and ride about 50/50.

Last week, I got the deal with the whole set of Wilson ProStaff clubs + the bag for $180. I knew that was a great deal. My first set of clubs in a decade. This bag is way better, but the cheapy one that came with the WOOT will do fin…and it has stand too :slight_smile:

This bag looks like my son’s Ogio bag and if it is (pretty sure it is) than you can take the shoulder straps off, but not easily via a clip or latch, but rather by unbuckling the strap and feeding it through the holes in the bag…which takes more time than a clipped version, but it’s not terribly difficult.

That being said, I’ve put his bag on a cart w/o taking the straps off and they don’t seem to get in his way at all. The main storage pocket for balls, tees, etc. is center/bottom and if you strap in the bag on a cart while pulling the shoulder straps off to side, behind the strap, they stay out of the way permanently for the round.

I bought this for my son because it’s very, very light and although it may lack a few pockets that a more expensive bag might have…at this price it’s a steal. Can’t recommend this bag at this price enough. Great deal IMO.

Thank you for your comments. That’s exactly what I wanted to know.

Getting a new set of clubs for Christmas, so I needed another bag…

After I ordered, I saw that it says manufacturers warranty does not apply…ugh!
Is that because it is sold by Woot?

I guess If i had a problem with the bag, i could always tell Ogio it was a gift, and I’m not sure where it was purchased from…

Hopefully the bag will hold up…