Standing Stone Ice-Style Half-Size Three-Pack



Standing Stone Ice-Style Half-Size Three-Pack
$59.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Ice
2 Standing Stone 2006 Vidal Ice 375 mL
1 Standing Stone 2006 Cailloux 375 mL

Above links are to CellarTracker. Note the first time wine.woot has ventured from the West Coast.

very much approve; probably in for at least a single this week; WD; what’s the deal with LabRats this week?


Leave it to woot to bring us our wine SIX MINUTES LATE >_<

(dont worry woot, i still love you)


Arrghhh. If i get any cash for Christmas later today or Tuesday, I’m going to get one. Love ice wine.

Edit: Oh, by the way, Merry Christmas-Eve
Double Edit: $24.99 per bottle from winery.


Yay NY!


WD – thanks for branching out to wines from “real time”. Not my speed, I’m more of a port guy, but I’m sure others will love it!


Standing Stone Ice-Style Half-Size Three-Pack
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Arrrrggghhh! Just missed being famous!


Ok, has anyone had this and can give a review? I love a good icewine, but hate to pull the trigger for $60 bones w/o a recommendation.


yaa! finally representin WNY!


Looks like they’re $24.99 per bottle from the Winery. Plus another $12 for shipping.


Hmmm, this looks intriguing. I’ve never had an ice wine before, but I have a feeling that may change all too soon. : )


We had to check the nice/naughty list first to make sure all of you were eligible for another tasty wine deal. You pass… this time.


Ice wine is a welcome addition to the Woot wine list.


I can’t wait to hear the comments about these wines. I’ve been waiting for some ice wines. I’ve heard good things about them in general. I do not however know the process. So I’ll be looking forward to learning about it as well. I’ve already gotten 2 wine fridges for xmas so time to stock up. All my woot wines went in first :slight_smile: Running out of room.

Also is there a general temp to set it at? I have it at 60 now.

Merry xmas eve


Thanks Woot…Smiling now. In for one!


Anyone else floored by the $6000 side deal? I’m thinking this may be a trial run at some expensive products to see if wine.woot could support selling a few hundred wine fridges… :wink:


We have our mixed wine fridge set to 56, with reds up and whites down.


The coffee last week was way more in my price range.


thank you smartheart.

We are going to hold off on Labratting this week. holidays and all. so no labrat this week. sorry folks.


humm as I checked out it only mentioned two bottles of wine

1 Standing Stone 2006 Vidal Ice 375 mL
1 Standing Stone 2006 Cailloux 375 mL
not 2 and 1. Well hope that was a typo