Stanely Nineteen13 Lunchcase - Gold

This is a Stanley brand product, not ‘Stanely.’

Still not sure what the hell it is??

It’s a lunchbox.

Is it bear-proof? I.E. Can I take it on hikes where bears are an issue?

Non-insulated? No thanks!

No, it does not close air tight. Nor would it stand up to a hungry bear.

Thanks! I kinda figured… Bear-proof stuff doesn’t retail for that low.

Worst looking bento box I’ve ever seen.

Hey, my Woot phone app said Sport Woot was a Wheelwriter Bike Lights FX. What happened to that?

I like the idea of this lunch box, but disappointed over the tacky color, lack of insulation, and the handle doesn’t seem like it’d be too comfortable to hold.

Stanely- for all your tuel needs!

NO SOUP FOR YOU!!! if you use this lunch box.

I was hoping it would come with a lunch inside…

So what function does the liner serve?

I’d be interested, except it’s not insulated or spill-proof. What I need is something I can leave in my bag for 4 hours and not have it spoil or leak.

Might as well get me a My Little Pony lunchbox and at least have something pretty.

Video demo (~1 minute)