Stanley 12” Tool Bag



Oh look. A huge lunch bag. Yay!


And that color is surely the reason for the price…


Bought 3 a few woots back. Nice bag for tools or crafts, just don’t need another.


it’s perwinkle, not purple.


It’s not too bright of a color–I’m a manly man and I carry one one of these into work–haven’t heard any snickers or comments yet! They’re great bags.


They are getting cheaper still! I got mine on a 2 for $4.99 deal, now they are even less. But, the flipside is you can’t get 6 for 1 shipping charge, in case anyone wants to buy that many!


Perfect! My tool is EXACTLY 12 inches.


I bought some of these before, they seem to be constructed well, but are on the small side. Just as a warning, my hammer does not fit inside no matter how I angle it and resides in that velcro strap contraption on the side. It seems well suited for craft supplies though.


We got 3 of these and my wife uses it for scrapbook supplies. She likes it, although the opening could be a bit bigger. Still, a good sized bag for small stuff and very good quality material/construction.