Stanley 205 Piece Professional Grade Mechanics Tool Set



I really am about to hop. Just dreading If I have to put all 205 pieces in the elastic case. the 34 bit caused damage to my one thumb.


Not awful, but does it come with a good case? Thats the most important thing.


no case…


Nice set, but no case. Also, too rich for my blood.


“are manufactured globally”
as in china globally?


Made in China as usual?


Lots of pieces but I think I will stick with the tool set i got from regular Woot back in the summer.


The tools or the case. Return with the warrenty to NC USA.


Are we certain this doesn’t come with a case?


If it did come with even a half decent case I’m sold.


Stanley tools? No thanks. Just remember, with tools you get what you pay for. These are a large step down from Craftsman, and you usually get a good sturdy case with Craftsman or better brand tools.

Could make a good x-mas gift I suppose :slight_smile:

Good night woot.


Sturdy is right but i’ve yet to see a craftsman case you could pick up without your sockets spilling all over the inside.


I hope they do. Image the mess if all are in a ziplock. Was refering to previous Stanley tool kits from woot.


This was good enough of a deal for me to woot without even reading all the comments. I was just looking at tools sets at Fred Meyers and Home Depot. There is alot of pieces to this set. :slight_smile:


According to the Stanley website, (search for the item in the top right) this does not come with a case, only the tools listed.


Stanley 205 Piece Professional Grade Mechanics Tool Set
$89.99 + $5 shipping

1 Stanley 85-598G 205 Piece Professional Grade Mechanics Tool Set


It clearly does not come with a case. It might come with plastic packaging that could be re-useable if you’re lucky. I found it on the Stanley website here and it just shows the tools in this set loose. Other tools on the site clearly show the case and included it in the product description if they come with it.

With this many pieces and no case, I think I’ll pass.


I do believe thatthese are made in China. The good reputation that Stanley tools used to enjoy was due to the generations of American New England workers that produced high quality items. All you get now is the name, built on a reputation that doesn’t apply anymore. I have to laugh every time I see that globally produced line-I’m sure it’s no comfort to all of the folks put out of work when this company’s production was offshored.


dont waste money on crappy tools, wait for a craftsman sale and you will get much more for you rmoney