Stanley 20oz. FatMax Xtreme AntiVibe Rip Claw with Smooth Face Hammer

I believe the magnet is tucked back a bit, not the - for lack of a better term - part that you actually hit nails/whatever with. As well, the nail rests on top of the hammer’s head with the magnet to help it stay in the groove notch at the top. So, even if the magnet wasn’t there, so to speak, it should be able to preform its duty anyways.

Stanley WAS a great American brand for many, many years but then sent all their manufacturing to China-along with all of the decent jobs they used to have here in the states. It’s still decent stuff for the most part, but no longer American made.

You hit the nail on the head!

Does anyone remember the scene in Friday the 13th 2 where the cop wanders into the killshack, turns around and gets a hammer claw-first stuck in his forehead? I was like 5 the first time I saw that…

Hmm, tempting. I’ve got several hammers, but they’re all falling apart… split handles, busted claws… I wonder how long this one would survive.

If you need one, this is a great deal. We sell them for the $20 price without the magnetism.

As for the magnetism going away, I haven’t had any problems with that myself. Of course, we tend to sell more of the Stiletto hammers, which start at $100 and go well over $200. Very different animals, but for $10 Stanley is the way to go.

Then again, Woot selling tools is like Microsoft selling Macs… not the first place I’d look for them. Keep it up, Woot. I like the variety.

AHHH! That explains a lot, Alan…

will it work on vista?


It’s an essential add-on for Vista.

only if it’s installed in a Mac and connected to an iPhone

Yep, it’s a same 20oz Stanley hammer for $19 and some odd change - good deal, I’m in for 2!

Cool, stereo!

My dad has a hammer similar to this, and it’s awesome. And, my current hammer is somewhat thrashed. In for one.

you don’t understand how magnetism works do you?

MC Hammer would be proud, because it’s hammer time.

I’m going to sleep.

Stiletto ?
I just looked them up. I don’t quite understand how its better than steel. I mean, I read all about it… but maybe I’ll have to try one someday.

For today… this is a great deal.
yeah woot!

Didn’t you mean hammered with puns?

Well, at least you’re humble.

They had too…WalMart Made them…either move to china and sell it to us for less or we won’t sell your product