Stanley 24 Oz. SS Water Bottle 2-Pack



BPA-Free bottles like this are great, my water gets chilled much faster with much fewer ice cubes. Stays colder longer too.

This would be a deal at 1 for 6 dollars, even better as a pair.

Here they are over at the Stanley Website

Took the liberty of uploading the Shopping Manual in case anyone needed it. Page 17

Sorry ThunderThighs Couldn’t resist posting a PDF on something that definitely didn’t need posting


Bought these the last time around. No leaks and works good. The wide mouth is handy just don’t drink too fast.


SportWoot finally got me… needed these. I imagine I’ll break down for Tech next.


Grabbed 6 the last time around - they are amazing!

  • wide mouth makes filling with ICE super easy - a real plus
  • they fit in standard car cup holders
  • they are nearly indestructible - I chuck them around at the gym often
  • the clip on the cap works great with a carabiner on a backback strap, too

Buy these - you will not be sorry!


Got a 60" TV over there just waiting for a new home. :tongue:


Wait, it’s Tuesday? I was sure it was Saturday!

I’m so confused…


Don’t forget to head over to sportwoot plus! for an entire line of Stanley bottles!!

(and, go with haste! the ones you want may sell out fast! I’ve been burned before. Many times.)


Picked up the three-pack when it was on sale last month and love them. I don’t use them for “Sport” so much as just carrying around with me–it runs around 90-100 in the summer here (SoCal on the edge of the desert).

Agree with what previous posters have said – super easy to fill, no problems with leaks, and you definitely need to be careful about drinking too fast near the end of the bottle. I’ve soaked myself a couple times already there.

The only minus is that unscrewing the entire cap every time I want to take a sip is a bit annoying. But that really goes with the (leakproof) territory.


Did you mean “and just like THAT, you’re rescued.” in paragraph four?


They make a cool sound when they’re empty and you hit them on stuff. Perfect noise for annoying cats and girlfriends.


OK, I bought the 3 the last time around.

The good?

  • great deal
  • good bottles
  • very light weight

The bad?

  • The lid seals well but is a bear to thread. Poorly designed and no where near as good as a Kleen Kanteen lid. Just not an easy lid to use.


Great timing…
I just blew the bottom out of
a cheap one with a freeze.
In fur a set.


Does anyone know how well these insulate? How long do these keep your beverage cold? Is it comparable to this:


I’m garage sailing my metal water bottles. They don’t insulate at all … metal is a conductor. It will do it’s best to keep outside temperature inside. I would fill full of ice, then cold water, and by lunchtime they’re warm. My wife points out that they dent as well, but it’s only the non-insulation that bothers me.


Anyone know where these are made?? USA or China???


Depends on whether it’s an insulated bottle or not. These don’t claim to be. But I have a Thermos brand that does (it has both inside and outside SS walls) and it’s amazing. I put ice in it one evening last week, and had icy cold water at 4:00 pm the next afternoon, after it had spent the 95-degree day in a closed car, and part of that directly in the sun.




So there’s gotta be lead in it as well.


Yeah, that’s what figured. No, thanks!