Stanley 24 oz. SS Water Bottle 2-Pack

I bought these last time they were on sale. The metal was a little thinner than it looked but these are still some good quality water bottles.

I just bought a similar 24 oz stanley water bottle durring the Woot-off for $3. This is about the same only you get two instead of one and the option to get the stylish silver edition vs. the puke green.

I got these back in August and like them a lot. I got the 1913 design which is very subtle (“nineteen” on one side, “13” on the other; barely readable). If you’re put off by bright colors or brand names, that is the design for you.

Does anybody know do you have to push a button to release the water for drinking?

My wife often drinks water at night and spills because she is heavy sleeper. Hoping to fix this once every other night problem.


No. The top twists off.

Got several of these the last time offered (as an add-on as I already had free shipping for the day), the metal is thinner than I anticipated and the bottles crease slightly somewhat easier than I might like going in and out of the water bottle clip on my son’s bike, but overall, they are a good value - I really like the screw on tops and although they now look a bit worn, they have withstood some pretty rough use without a problem other than aesthetics. At this price, I’d recommend them and if I needed more, I’d buy again.

I bought 6 of these as gifts last week. The wootoff happened while I the stomach flu, yay… anyway, about 20 minutes ago I filled up my pinstripe bottle with water. I am in love with this bottle. It is soft, sturdy, and leak proof. It is a womanly water bottle. Wide mouth and all…

Got one as an add-on with the free shipping as well… got the black one.

As a cyclist I have a TON of bottles and this one has already become my fav bottle.

Even near my bed, on the carpet, doesnt tip over… doesnt seem to stain at all… no leakage… nice finger-grip etc, etc, etc.

I would be buying more but I have way too many bottles & now looking for an affordable thermos bottle.

Dishwasher safe? Missing from both woot description and Stanley website

I got the Pinstripe when they were offering the bottles singly. They are grey and you can hardly see the design on them.

The wide mouth is nicer than some other water bottles that have a real small mouth.

I ordered three of these Sep. 19th and they still haven’t arrived. Tracking says they’re in Phoenix and I live in Seattle. Three other items I ordered on the 18th and 19th came Friday and Saturday, wonder how much longer before these come?

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Officially, the bottle says hand wash only. However, one person referred to them as a “dishwasher survivor” in a comment when they showed up last month on SportWoot Plus

Anyone know what the cap is made of?

The cap is made of “heavy duty plastic” (don’t know about the composition). I got the silver ones and liked them so much that went in for 3 more (pin stripe) on the last woot-off, it is amazing that 3 bottles + shipping was less expensive than buying 2+shipping. These are very sturdy and easy to carry.

Great bottles, bought 2 and have been real happy. Much cheaper than many other name brand alternatives (Klean Kanteen, Sigg) and work great. Love the top, never had a leaking problem, and they are the perfect size for many occasions.

I find they are a great compromise between the 1 liter Sigg and 27 oz Klean Kanteen. Highly recommended.

Which bottle is considered the black, and the pinstripe? I understand the green, but don’t see a black or pinstripe bottle.

The pictures are labeled in the bottom-left hand corner.

I love these bottles. As far as the dishwasher goes: that’s the only way I clean them. It seems like the only one that had an issue was the silver one (the writing on it wore off). No big deal to me. The green and black seem to be good as new. It appears the green and black are a powder coat with the writing printed on top of that. Could be why these survived. One thing that is important to note is that these do not insulate. They are just a thin walled stainless steel. Pretty much no insulation at all. Doesn’t bother me one bit, but just a heads up. The cap is a twist off with a little rubber washer where it meets the bottle. Very good seal and I have not had any leaks.

I’m a big fan of these, and they’re a great value. Asthetics aren’t the best after some use, as the paint scrapes off from simply bumping a rock when you’re say, climbing a mountain. But the bottle itself has had no problems, and I love the clip on cap and the wide mouth, as any icecube fits in it.

Just don’t try to drink from it on a bumpy bus, your shirt will thank me.