Stanley 3-in-1 Tripod Flashlight with Mini-Tripod Keychain 2-Pack Woot Info Post doing human things

Stanley 3-in-1 Tripod Flashlight with Mini-Tripod Keychain 2-Pack [New] - $17.99 + $5 shipping

2 * Stanley 95-407Q 3n1 Tripod Flashlight w/Tripod Keychain

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This might come in handy for working underneath my car (such as changing oil or transmission fluid).


Thanks dcno10. :slight_smile:

Beat ya this time

Is this “War of the Worlds” or is that a lot of Tripods?!

Seems like a semi-good deal, especially on a 2-4-2sday

Is that a mini-Tripod in your pocket or are you happy to see me?

Why is the mini flashlight ‘Petented?’


So, like, can anyone tell me any instances where one would actually have a use for these? I feel this compulsion to buy them but I don’t know what I’d do with 'em.

I bought the set last time. Its a good value for the money in my opinion. The keychain lights are pretty bright too. The main flashlight with all three lights connected is pretty damn bright. I am thinking of getting another set but Y?

I would suggest doing those activities during daylight hours so you don’t need a flashlight. Are you disposing of the old fluids somewhere where you shouldn’t be that you need to do it at night by flashlight? Just wondering…

I actually use mine as supplemental lights when taking photos. They’re especially handy when i need a secondary directed source when using a light tent, and the tiny ones can go right inside the tent to eliminate any pesky shadows.

How much abuse can this flashlight take? The description says shatter resistant lens, but how well can it hold up?

Have one of these, its great!

Yeah, and I got them the last time they were normally up (not a woot-off).

They do need a lot of AA batteries (two or three per leg), but they are kind of neat. Realize that you can only point more than one of them in the same direction when they are pointed straight ahead.

The keychains are more of a novelty than anything else, and are a little large to be put in your pocket.

Got these last time here and got to use one during a blackout. Bright as daytime and the batteries last forever. Is it my imagination, or is the price on Amazon for just one large flashlight? Great deal.

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I bought this last time. The light is bright, and when you click each light out one position from the center, the light expands like an umbrella and gives you a very wide coverage. No more stumbling around in the dark with that thing. Also, you can point the heads anywhere so it’s good for when the lights go out and you have to cover the main room and hallway. Ask me how I know. :stuck_out_tongue: The key chain light I have never used, just tossed it in the car.

And here I thought Tripods were those things that enslaved humanity by capping them.

This is one flashlight i haven’t thrown off my roof, so no idea.

In for 2! One can never have too many flashlights :slight_smile:

Got these last time they were up for sale. They are extremelt bright. You can actually take it apart and use just one of them if you want to. This price is a couple dollars cheaper than last woot.