Stanley 3-in-1 Tripod Flashlight with Mini-Tripod Keychain

amazon its 25.00 this is ausome price

here’s the product website (big flashlight)

and the mini flashlight as well

This could be useful if you were going to be painting rooms at your house in the middle of the night. Fun.

Thread on the previous woot of the item… although it was a 2-fer… for 19.99… is a penny cheaper today if you buy 2 sets!!! :slight_smile:

The description that day is here…

This flashlight is awesome! It is the best light for those unexpected emergencies IE. tire change in the middle of the night

6 AA batteries needed makes the cost of ownership about $5 more.

For anyone interested here is the link for the last time these were on woot.


Cant think of many situations where I need a tripod for my flashlight!

These are bright used separately (as 3 flashlights) or VERY bright when used as one.

The head flexes outward when grouped together any of the 3 buttons will turn all 3 flashlights on.

The little keychain is bright and is a single LED flashlight (comes with hearing aid type batteries) - The large flashlights use AA batteries (not included)…

Ignoring the tripod for a minute the individual flashlights are very light, when put together they are still light and easily carried as traditional flashlight, albeit an odd looking one.

The tripod has very short legs. The basic use is to stand the contraction up and use the flashlight “hands free” with 1,2 or all 3.

Definitely an odd looking bird…
I’m not sure what what problem the engineers were trying to solve, and hence probably why the low price. For me one value is to have in the car and use in emergencies whether to shine a light while changing a tire or highlight you and your car to oncoming traffic while you wait for help.

A non-car use would be to have it on a drawer or under the bed for blackouts and be assured you’ll have THREE(3) flashlights in a single place for you and the kids or other members of your family.

Edward broodingly brooded… xD hahahahaha

The keychain would be a bit bulky for pant pockets.

I like the Pitch Black reference from a previous woot! description.

I buy these every time they are offered here. They make great presents.

C’mon Woot! Let me blow my money. I keep getting “This sale has not launched” messages.

what is the luminous intensity of these lights of the wavelength λ as given by Iv=6831y where Iv is the luminous intensity in candelas, I is the radiant intensity in W/sr, λ is the standard luminosity function?

oh geez- i’m glad with the stance woot is taking on twilight, but i feel like there’s gonna be a sharp increase in traffic when the female 12-25 demographic wakes up
well- any publicity is good publicity- even if its coming from vindictive hormonal teenage girls

I want to buy this not because I particularly need or want it, but because the commentary cracked me up that much.

Yes, this is a repeat of a recent woot. As a person who bought this on the Two for Tuesday deal, I’m glad to see them back. I’m likely buying more.

These are some of the most amazing flashlights I’ve ever seen. They are pretty bright. Each light splits up into three individual flashlights.

My last order is being used in my vehicle and classroom as emergency lights.