Stanley 3-in-1 Tripod Flashlight with Mini-Tripod Keychain

I got these the last time they were offered. It was a two for Tuesday deal, two for $17.99. I really like them! This is a pretty good deal, too. QVC had then a few weeks ago for $27.

The big flashlight has three individual lights that can be used separately or all together. Each light takes two AA batteries (so 6 total). I had fun turning the off and on and assembling and disassembling them. We’ve already found the tripod and pivoting heads features really useful when working on computers.

Totally worth it!

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How bright is 60 lumens? Is that like a 1W LED? 20W incandescent? 5W fluorescent?

These are awesome! I picked up the 2 pack of this woot had , a couple of weeks ago. There pretty cool ,especially the little keychain one.

I can’t believe I stayed awake for this. Aren’t we due for a woot off?

Epic Product description!

I just bought one of these at Big Lots Friday for $5.99

Bad woot.

FYI - If the flashlights flicker, change the batteries in all the legs. If the voltages don’t match the light will flicker when all three are together in the tripod.

42 lumens - really…

on a more pertinent note- i ordered the twofer tuesday deal they had on these last month and i must say i am quite glad with the products- the mini keychain lights definitely come in handy in my rundown old saab- and who can say anything bad about a flashlight on a tripod?

Woot just keeps lowering the price of these lights. Trust me, it isn’t because they aren’t worth the cash. I have purchased 6 of them so far and they are fantastic. The tripod feature for just a camplight is great.
I made sure the mini light is hanging off the turn signal of each of my cars.

Everyone should have at least one of these

DAMN! i bought this the last woot-off and got it for $18. it works supurb and is actually very bright :]

If i didn’t have one already, i would get it for this price…so sad…why woot…why do u have to do this and lower the price?! tears

I got this last time on the two for tuesday deal as well.

It uses a single 1210 LED chip for each light if anyone’s curious. Not sure why they couldn’t use a 5050 chip instead since it’ll be much brighter.

woot must have bought a ton of these things

I bought 2 of these last time around. They are great! You can open up the little tripod legs on the mini, then safety-pin it to your shirt, and you have a chest headlight! (Or a head chest light??)

Did it come with the handy-dandy keychain also?

Ah, the Voltron of flashlights.

It’s telling me that the sale hasn’t launched yet. Somehow, I disagree.

Cheapest BIN on eBay is $21 shipped.

I Love this flashlight. What is so great is that you can take it apart and have 3 flashlights. A great must get! The mini is better than I expected.

dealbreaker. ebaying some dynamo flashlights as we speak.